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12th August 2019

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Sports Mouth guards

The risk of tooth damage is increased in fast, physical sports or if moving objects are involved (such as bats and balls). Studies have shown that between 13% and 39% of all dental injuries are sports related. Approximately 25% of children in the UK will injure or lose a front tooth at some stage. Contact sports are increasingly popular which has resulted in a rise of traumatic dental injuries.

All dentists are lobbying for the mandatory use of mouth guards for all school children or club players participating in contact sports. Some dental insurance plans will not pay out if damage occurs during contact sports (including training sessions) if a mouth guard was not worn to lessen the risk. The British Orthodontic Society (BOS) advises orthodontic patients to wear a mouth guard over their fixed brace. In the UK, it is recommended that a mouth guard should be part of the sports kit. The Rugby Football Association’s website comments that: “In the best interests of players’ safety, we strongly recommend that all players wear a mouth guard during any contact rugby sessions. It has been shown that this significantly reduces the incidence of dental injuries”.


The first mouth guards were made by a British dentist and amateur boxer Philip Krause in 1892, In the early 1900s, Jacob Marks created a custom fitted mouth guard in London.  Initially they were frowned upon by the boxing community, however opinions changed following a 1927 boxing match between Jack Sharkey and Mike McTigue. McTigue was winning for most of the fight, but a chipped tooth cut his lip, and he was forced to forfeit the match. From that point on, mouth guards started to gain popularity.

Today’s modern mouth guards are high tech consisting of multiple special layers which can be customized if needed to a specific sport.  These are custom made on a cast of a players mouth ensuring the most accurate, secure and comfortable fit.  Ther can be special colours or designs too!


It’s not just about tooth protection, a good mouth guard will soften and distribute impact force rather than allow its full power to travel into the head reducing the chance or severit of a concussion. This is especially important for boxing and other contact sports. Wearing the right guard can keep you safe and in the fight a little longer!  Communication is at the heart of all successful sports teams and can give you a powerful sporting advantage. Custom made mouth guards are designed allowing you to communicate, breathe and hydrate easily.

The cost of a custom mouth guard is much less that to repair or replace damaged or lost teeth.  Truly better to be safe than sorry.

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By Calum Dunkley

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